How to Use Your Car to Get a Logbook Loan


Do you have a problem with a bill and you need instant cash now? If you do, there is a solution for you. Get a quote on a logbook loan.

Finding a Logbook Loan Lender

There are plenty of places where you can get a logbook loan. Just look on the internet and get a quote of any number of loan lenders. All you need is the logbook or title to your car.

What is a logbook loan?

These loans have increased in their popularity due to banks who are just not lending money out especially to anyone who has bad credit, or no credit. But if you have no credit card or saving and you credit it not good what do you do with an emergency? If your child is sick or your car needs work done on it or worse yet – the electricity has been cut off, what can you do? Because of the current economic outlook you might have a real problem.

Call for Quote

This is why more and more people are coming to logbook loan lenders to get a quote. To be eligible for one of these loans all you will need is a vehicle that is finance free and in your name. If you have that you can apply for a logbook loan and have your money in about an hour.

Follow These Steps

How do these loans work? It’s easy – just follow these simple steps.

Step One

Fill out an online from. You will get an instant no commitment loan free quote and talk to you about what is needed.

Step Two

Then you need to visit which every lender that you are interesting in using:

  •  The V5 or logbook and MOT
  • Evidence of your identity and your income
  •  Details on your vehicle insurance
  •  Two recent bills or letters to verify your address

The lender will cover everything with you before you come in and will make the whole process as easy as possible for you so you can get your cash and be on your way.

The lenders staff will answer all your questions as well as a full and clear explanation of how the logbook loan works. They will make sure that this loan is suitable for you and that you are able to afford the repayments. You can keep driving your car during the time of the loan.

Step 3

Finally you will drive away with your money. This loan is money loaned on your vehicle’s V5 document and based on what the evaluation is on your car. It’s just that simple to get logbook loans from any lender.